Sunday, 4 November 2012

myQuran - Understand the Quran 1.1 Apk App
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 myQuran was featured during Ramadan on CBS News regarding how Muslims are adopting the latest technology by using their favorite app to enhance their Islamic knowledge.
 Are you a beginner or an advanced student of the Quran who could benefit from a Quran Study ‘Super Tool’?
 myQuran is a unique and powerful application that enables us to study the Quran at many levels. myQuran makes learning, reading, understanding and sharing Quran knowledge like never possible before.
 Listen to a beautiful recitation and follow it with an English translation, memorize the Quran, study a comprehensive Tafseer (extensive commentary) and also read and understand the related root words.
 myQuran is versatile, highly portable, easy to use and an ideal partner on our journey to true understanding and discovery of the Quran.
 Key capabilities of the app include:
 Quranic Roots:
 Review and analyze the root words for the Ayats (verses) in the Quran and review a detailed explanation. This gives a student an excellent insight into understanding of the ayat.
 Quran Recitation:
 Listen to the beautiful recitation of popular Qari’s (recitors) and practice your own recitation. We have included the recitations of
 •Mishaary Rashed Alafasy
 •Abu Bakr Ash Shatry
 •Ahmed ibn-e-Ali al Ajamy
 •Muhammad Jibril
 •Ibrahim Al-Akhdar
 •Abdur Rahman As-Sudais
 •Follow a translation by Sahih International, Yusuf Ali or Mawdudi and also in other languages such as:
 Custom Memorization Plan:
 Create full customizable memorization plan that works for you. You can select ayats to memorize and select the number times you would like to play back as an aid to your memorization.
 Quran Tafsir (commentary):
 Understand the period of revelation, theme, subject matter and background of the surahs of the Quran. Read a detailed tafsir of each ayat.
 Other great features in myQuran:
 Takes notes and bookmark

 *Compatible with Android Tablet
 *Crash Resolved

 What's New
 What's in this version:

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